and she finally made it

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About a few minutes ago my cousin, Hanee finally landed at Changi Airport in Singapore. A trip to the place has been promised to her after she finally completed her nursing course in one of the best nursing colleges in the city where she lives. She graduated last month and soon she'll be in a nursing scrubs uniforms to practice her profession but of course before that, her sweet big sister who is also working in Singapore thinks she well-deserve a break and therefore generously funded the trip for her.

Well to me any graduate deserves a treat be it grand or a simple one. Completing a common 4-year college course is already a huge accomplishment, how much more a nursing course? (Sigh!) This made me feel nostalgic again... not because I wanted the same treat but it's the sad feeling of not being able to fight for what I've really wanted to do while I still had the chance to do it. I would have been wearing medical scrub uniforms now too. I sure would pick the stylish ones from this link: should I need to but obviously I don't so I guess I just have to let go of that dream from now on and just leave my cousin make it for me. Good luck dear cuz and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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