The power suddenly went out for like 2 hours earlier so I decided to lie down to see if I doze or if I can stay awake and wait till its back so I can still spend few more hours online. It did (thankfully) and so here I am!

Nothing! Just thought of having a quick look and see how things are going around here.

I feel like I want to do some changes here. But I'm afraid I won't be having time for that right now.. maybe in a month time ... or perhaps towards the end of the year. I know what my impulse is saying... it can wait.

It has to because for one, I wanted to just enjoy the offline world... my world.

I have never felt this carefree for a long time.... you know things like I don't have to bother if I can't publish a blog post for the day.

Yes, I can tell that the online world have really eaten me for years. But not that I feel guilty about it... I simply feel some sort of relief that I finally came to the point of knowing how to balance things out... and I'm glad I did!

2 Response to "pause..."

  1. PinayWAHM says:

    OO nga. Sometimes we forget how beautiful the real world dahil tayo eh sobrang immerse sa online world. It's always nice to go offline & enjoy the real life.

    Have a wonderful week Mommy Nancy!

    Mommy J

    admin says:

    super agree ako dyan Miss J, thanks for dropping by, :)

    Will do my rounds soon!

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