2 years and counting...



September 7, 2008 marks the day of this blog's custom domain [onlinememorylane.com] purchase via Google Checkout. It's been 2 years and still counting!

I received the Domain Registration Automatic Renewal Reminder around late last month in which of course I'm reminded to get the renewal payment done on the date they specified but since the fund is not available yet during that time, I had to disable the automatic renewal and opted to pay on its actual deadline which was 7th of September. Thankfully, my earnings from last month were able to cover it. Hay! How time flies so fast!

Even if this blog doesn't really give me much benefits (financially, that is), I still can't find in my heart to just let go off it. I can only think of the time and effort that I've poured out into this blog (for 3 years) each time I had to pay for its domain... those to me should already be reasons enough to keep and let the page going.

More to go for this mother blog of mine!

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