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I heart LinkFromBlog! They have been so generous to me lately. Well, most credit should go actually to the advertisers who approved my bids but then again if not for LFB I wouldn't be getting any of these opportunities from advertisers so for that I want to sincerely thank them.

Prices offered from this company is nothing much compared to others but what I enjoyed most about them is the frequency of their campaigns. Almost everyday there's new campaign added on the list that I can bid on plus they don't take a slice out of the price of bid that you have won. Say if the price is $5 for every approved post or review that's what goes to your account. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have you ever encountered an advertiser who does higher counter offer than the actual price that you have placed in your bid? I have and only from LinkFromBlog so far.

You see all along I thought having PRless blogs would let you make nothing. But the ideas and suggestions I got from friends before just proved it wrong. All of my four blog (1 custom and 3 sub domains) from blogger platform are without any Google Page Rank while each of their Alexa Ranks are all in 7 figures and yet all are eligible to place bids at LFB.

Yes some offers may not that high but what are few bucks when accumulated? I have 3 successfully issued payouts from them so far since I joined in late last year. This time I only need a couple dollars to make it to the threshold of $50 and I'm all set with my 4th payout.

If you haven't join us yet hit this small badge now to get started.
Buy blog reviews
And when you're done signing up I suggest you download LFB's campaigns alerter. Its link is located at the top right hand pane of your LFB account. Needless to say it saves you time from browsing new offers at the site. It automatically alerts you in a magical tone whenever a new campaign is placed in the system.

Well, that's about it. I still have two more reviews left from them. I could have just make them done but I opt to pause a while and share some of my gainful experience with them for you to possibly consider as well. I hope it helps!

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