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To swim is fish's nature as to bark is dog's. But as we all notice having our dogs barking around in an excessive manner can be very annoying. As human our common immediate reaction to such nuisance is to either bellow or simply punish to mute them without realizing possible reasons why they do.

Expert says there are various reasons why dog barks and it important for us to understand each of them. They bark to greet and say “hello”, they bark when they want something, when they are having fun, when they are scared, anxious, bored and sometimes they bark to warn us from potential danger or protect us from harm. I don't know to other places but here in the Philippines it is a common reason why almost every household has a dog or two - to have buddies to protect them while the owners are sleeping sound at night or while they are away. However, there are really dog that seems to bark uncontrollably. Professional dog trainers and experts often consider it as behavior problem.

These days, apart from training your dog when and when not to bark, a certain device called Bark Off is also designed to keep them from constant barking. This small device can be placed both in and outside your home. Here's how it works.
If your dog goes into one of his or her barking outburst and he or she is within the range of the Bark Off, an ultrasonic signal (which is at a frequency that dogs can hear but humans cannot) is emitted, which then interrupts your dog’s barking and puts a stop to it immediately. Unlike the shock collar option or the cutting of your canine’s vocal cords, the ultrasonic signal does not harm your pet in any way. It does not hurt them or alter their behavior in a negative way.

Know more about this product by clicking the given link above.

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