poor little mouse



After more than 2 years of service my poor little computer mouse finally call it over.

Because they only seldom ask, I gave my nieces MJ and Bernadette time to play games using my computer last weekend. I got few reviews to do that time so I did only allow 30 minutes for each of them to play. But this poor little thing just suddenly went out of the picture even before Bernadette could consume half of her playtime so I took over.

I've tried everything I could to get it back - unplugging it, plugged it back in and even attempted to clean it but I find it too small and delicate to invade its tiny parts inside so I just left it as it was. If only a Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner could do it for me, hahaha! Too big vacuum cleaner for a tiny thing like my mouse, huh!

Anyway, luckily after about 2 hours of trying, it came back. But it didn't really stay that long and no longer work as good as it did before so the next day I decided to just replace it for good.

I bought it from Cebu along with the desktop computer set that I use while I was there so to me it is kind of special but I guess every thing we have, big or small really has a life of its own and just like the life that we humans have, their life also has to come to an end at a certain time so to preserve its value to me, I kept it in a box instead of throwing it away. I do the same with my other stuffs especially those that are given to me.

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