and she turns 8!



Among us three she has the sweetest tooth so this sweet love box of sweetest goodies is obviously for her. Along with the sweets are two multi- purpose pouches... actually one for her and one for her Ate Kate.

Here's a quick story about the gift box... During her Ate Kate's birthday last year, I also gave her exactly the same box just with different contents. When we shopped for their school supplies at the mall about 2 weeks ago, we passed through the section where this box and lots of it were displayed. I didn't know she noticed it until she whispered something on to my ears... she wanted the same box on her birthday. Hahaha! She didn't even request for what she wants inside it... it's just simply the box! Anyway, can't blame the girl for wanting it. I, myself admired the way it is made too... durable, functional and decorative so she can use it anyhow she want after consuming all the chocolates in it.

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