is it over yet?



Summer season is yet to end here in the Philippines but I noticed the constant power interruption episodes caused by great water shortage are also fading away. Is it already safe to assume that the dry spell in the country that causes millions of dollars worth of crop damages is also over?

Personally, I really haven't felt the touch of summer this year until I got to the Province of Camiguin two weeks ago. Though were never spared from the annoying rotating brownout that affects the entire region, here in our place we still somehow get rain from time to time and the heat of the weather is not as much as threatening unlike in other parts of the country who are directly affected by the occurrence of El NiƱo such as this poor small beautiful island.

Our first two days were mostly spent at the beach site. It was hot but the cold sea breeze and the occasional wind can somehow do the tricks against the steamy weather. Plus there were cool sheds to shelter us if we choose to just stay away from the water.

It was only after we started touring around the island on the third day of our visit that I actually feel the sun's bite on my skin. While rolling, we passed through a huge wind turbine situated somewhere in Mambajao, the capital town of the province; little did we know that the annoying brownouts are also present in the area. And we saw few more, smaller ones as we move along. Actually it was the biggest wind generator I've ever seen. I supposed it was the biggest the place has had.

Anyway, back to the top. As far as my area is concerned, we only do get occasional interruptions since early May. I really hope this issue will be over soon!

2 Response to "is it over yet?"

  1. PinayWAHM says:

    Hay naku...we're only feeling the heat of summer around here...and it's supposed to be spring pa din.

    Anyway, sana nga magtuloy tuloy na wala ng brown out dyan. I can still remember those days of non-stop power outage dyan sa atin.

    Hope your week is going well Mommy Nancy...

    Mommy J

    admin says:

    hopefully! thanks for dropping by mommy J! :)

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