problem solved!



Hi, it's been over a week since I got back from our Camiguin summer getaway. The reason why I haven't been updating here since then is that my computer suddenly acted up again the day after we got home. I just can't draw any form of encouragement to write anything looking at its poor condition. Now it works, now it doesn't so how am I supposed to feel good about it? I even thought of just quitting all for once but God is really good.

For days I've been trying to contact the technician I used to know and only trust back in Davao but didn't able to reach him until today. I felt relieved to have heard his voice from the other end of the phone this morning. I am always confident to open up any technical issues with him knowing that he's always willing to help - hands on or off. And yes, since he's not there to look at it personally, he just walked me through the entire process of figuring out the irregularities till it works back up. I couldn't thank him enough for his kindness. He's such a savior.

Now I can already think of how to start sharing our fun getaway stories along with those beautiful pictures that I took from around Camiguin Island. There were hundreds of them. I could even make nice photo postcards out from some of them. They are simply awesome and up until now I still can't believe I have actually been to each of those historic places and lovely scenic spots. So hmm, you better stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

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