and the saga goes on...



We got two new wedding invitations today. One from my cousin and the other one were from a former office mate. So the saga goes on for the family. Last year we also have witnessed two couples who tied the knot and another two more coming up again this year - oh, what a joy these
moments will be.

Special celebrations like this remind me of so many things. For one, the pictures from the previous weddings that I still have to organize. My girls and their cousins had parts during the two separate events so I am thinking of making a keepsake books for them to reminisce. I just really need to fit in some time for that project real soon.

Two, occasion like this reminds me of the things that I used to so love of doing - making cheap invitations and giveaways not just for wedding but all other special events. To me it wasn't just a job but a complete fulfillment the fact that somehow I have become part of other people's joy, satisfaction and success in life. Until now I still find comfort and great pleasure looking at all these stuffs online. I even consider of doing it again - but all in time!

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  1. Hola Nance! It's been a while since my last visit here. It's great to be back, hehe! Musta na? I hope everything is working well and good for you, my friend!


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