january's wrack-ups



We never really know when accident happens. Just for this month alone, I already personally have seen two road accidents. The first one took place on the New Year's Day itself where a descending farm tractor (with broken handbrakes) swept several types of vehicles in one of the major highways here in my place. Among the hundreds of victim of that harrowing accident were my sister Joyce's in laws and some of their relatives. Two people were reported dead on the spot while some were badly injured. With many others, they were out to celebrate New Year with nature but luck turn its back on them on their way back. We just can't be grateful enough my niece Jam who was with them that day was spared though she went under a minor trauma too from what she saw but she's been checked and is doing okay now.

Yesterday on the other hand, a giant bus bumped a police mobile car that caused a heavier traffic on my way back from the city. I didn't see how exactly did it happen but looking at the poor car alone, I believe it needs brand new jeep accessories to replace the broken ones. We were like watching a movie scene. The place was packed with nosy people and it took our bus driver almost an hour to get us away from the situation. Good thing, no one was hurt.

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