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Okay, I don't know how to put the thought of this entry together but if you are or have been a SocialSpark user you my have in one way or another encountered auto rejection out of the number of reviews you have had submitted to their system.

I have been using SocialSpark for over a year now and let's face it the advent of this company in the online advertising industry somehow had helped earning bloggers in alleviating their income stream at some point thus putting big grins in their faces - that includes me. But like what many people want to believe, a good impression doesn't always last.

Gone are the flooding reservations and gone are the sleepless nights of beating deadlines. This time, lucky we are if we even get to reserve one opportunity in a month. A lot had changed. More guidelines were added while the chance to grab a reservation is getting closer to the ground.

The worst scenario is when you have worked so hard to be able to come up with a quality review only to get automatic rejection from their system in the end. Isn't that frustrating?

I seldom talk about my personal financial transaction with advertisers online in any of my blogs. If it is appropriate to call myself a scam victim well I have been and not just once but several times by the different affiliate/advertising companies but I chose to stay mum about it.

However with SocialSpark lately, they simply blew up my head with their so annoying auto checker. I understand and I believe they are a legitimate company and as much as they are dead set with their guidelines, I think as valid users we also have the right to receive prompt support and feedback as they specified in their terms of service. But what happened in my case is the other way around.

To cut the story short, I lost 2 $7.50 and 1 $5 worth opps all because they've been auto rejected and no matter how many times I tried to resubmit them using the provided links, they still didn't work. I wrote them several times but get what? Another automated response after a month or so? It was only after I expressed my frustration when they finally decided to answer and even that last email took another one more month and guess what they said...

Hi Nancy,

I understand your frustration. Sometimes blog hosts change the code when you enter it into your html. It's different for each blog host, sometimes things are removed other times things are added. You may want to check your html before submission and make sure it is exactly the same as the code you were given.

This is the reason your posts are being auto-rejected. It's because your blog host is changing the html. You are going to have to go in an manually check/fix the html before submission to avoid these kind of issues in the future. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,


Well, I honestly don't have the idea as per the authenticity of the reasons they have cited in their last email. I don't plan on questioning blogger either. My point is if they could have just been prompt in addressing concerns from bloggers (within 24-48 hours as they said), issues like this may could have been avoided. Now I need to wait equivalent number of reservations in order to cash out my earnings as they have already raised their minimum payout from $20 to $50 recently. And as to when will that day be, I certainly don't know!

6 Response to "disappointed with Social Spark"

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Nancy!

    If you submit another ticket I will gladly look at it again and offer you some helpful advice. I am sure that we have provided you the code you need to include versus the code you submitted, but we will be glad to do so again.

    Also, we understand that it is frustrating waiting for offers to come in. Patience is key, when the right Opp arrives you will be matched up with the Advertiser.
    Finally, be sure to signup with our other platforms (PayPerPost, inPostLinks, SponsoredTweets, Sponzai) so that you have as many chances as possible to monetize your blog/Twitter stream.

    Again, I look forward to addressing your concerns via ticket.
    Thank you,

    admin says:

    Hello Annie,

    I hope you understand that I have nothing personal against you.

    Disappointing as it is but it is really beyond our discretion if you have had to implement changes in your system but to me it is completely comprehensible.

    As clearly stated in my post, I have no issues here other than your promptness in providing support to your users. They come in so late which obviously lead my posts to permanent rejection before they will even be saved for correction.

    What's irritating me about SS nowadays is that you have to be part of a product's blog roll. I don't know how in the hell to do that. I've searched all over and nobody seems to have a clue either. Would you happen to know how?

    admin says:

    Cher, I've tried searching that too before but after several failure attempts, I gave up :D If only the advertisers can least clue us in how...pero wala eh!

    admin says:

    i actually have few issues na di ko na lang din pinapansin like when I get a reservation na di naman pala dapat sa'kin...kainis kasi saka mo na sila mag confirm when you already have exerted effort and all...

    FaYe says:

    Last week i received an email from SS, telling me to visit their site because I am qualified in one of the opps. so I immediately opened SS and you know what, the opp was not there. so i wrote SS until now I dont receive any response. i check the SS opps 3 or more times a day.how come that i miss that opp.
    I had my first opp from them last oct. 2009, until now i still have 3 opps from them. I don't know when i can earn 50 dollars.maybe i have to wait half year to reach 50 bucks.

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