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Before I vent here, I'd like to first thank Mama for the nice trinket she handed me this morning. It's a hand-made beaded bracelet. Each of us actually had one and they're all paired with cool personalized pens with a calendar on it. Thanks, Ma.

Anyway, it's not quite a good beginning of the year for me but I like the way how days have gone by so fast. I get bored today, sleep it out and voila! Here comes another brand new day. I feel so disturbed over a few things lately. My mind is pretty much occupied during the day but lucky me if I can get anything's done out of the so many ideas I have in my head. I can even hardly stay up late now unlike before. Some of my online tasks were left undone (my apology to the advertisers) and to put it simply, my heart and mind are just so away from the blogging world lately.

I'd like to do something new. Find a new job? Or just be elsewhere for awhile and come back. I wish I am just bored. I may just need to breathe some fresh air... have a look at something else aside from the four corners of my room... or maybe get something new started. SIGH! Just why can't I spit them all out for once? I definitely don't like how I feel now. Is there some way to detoxify depression?

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