first blog makeover job of the year!



I've been meaning to do this even before 2009 ended but time became limited during the last few weeks of the year considering it was the holiday period. And I said if I have to do it, I'd better start and end it right. Well, it's all worth the wait.

A sleepless night and a day was all it took me to get it all done. I pretty much did the color theme and a few on navigation areas. Strenuous as it always have been but then again it was all worth the effort. I at least made it look the way I wanted it - neat and clean! Right now, I'm still contemplating on the header. Can't think of something nice and appropriate one to use just yet.

Anyway, this was the original theme. It's called VIBRANT! The tints of blue and gray were fine but I've seen some who are using it as well so I preferred mine to look a bit different from theirs.

And this was how my blog looks like about 48 hours ago.

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