she's 7 today!



Last night I asked what her wishes are for her birthday tomorrow... "Stickers (lots of stickers!), baked mac & cheese, cake and ice cream!" she whispered back. Hmm... (thinking) no fried chicken?

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This morning she woke up with a bag full of surprises from Nanay (that's how she calls her lola, my mama). There's her stickers, chocolates, and assortment of kiddy stuffs. The other day I bought her a new pair of clothes that she can wear today and before leaving for work this morning, Tita Joyce handed her some cash for her ice cream so wishes are at least now half granted as early as 6am today, LOL!
Tito and Tita will be working for the rest a little later. This time, the birthday girl is busy dallying with her cousins on what her special day would be like today.

Ops! Bernadette's her name, by the way and she says thank you ahead for who so ever would drop by and wish her a happy birthday :D

4 Response to "she's 7 today!"

  1. darly says:

    Happy Birthday Bernadette :)

    Pls vote for my daughter ALTHEA INGRID S. BARON (#5 candidate) for the November Pinoy Smile of the Month. Click here to cast your vote. Thanks

    JK says:

    Happy Birthday from all of us Bernadette we all miss seeing you ... Hope all is happy for you.. You are a little sweetheart as we have grown to know...

    PinayWAHM says:

    Huli man daw at magaling...huli pa din...but....better late than never...ano daw?

    Happy belated birthday to Bernadette! Seven is an amazing age...I believe Chinese people consider that age a milestone. Granted ba lahat ng wishes mo?

    Happy birthday again! I hope you had a great one.

    Tita J

    nancy says:

    salamat Huling!

    hahaha...granted na granted!

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