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There's no sense of sending out my greetings here for the Halloween as it is obviously over now but I hope you all had a great celebration. I was never chanced to stop by here during those period first of because I am giving my daughters a chance to enjoy the remaining days of their semestral break... that includes dominating my computer playing their games.

Secondly, like any other occasions, Halloween also requires a little bit of preparation like when we needed to spend time the day before to do some cleaning and uprooting grasses around our dear departed's place at the cemetery, making it ready and respectable at least for those who wish to light their candles the following day, the 1st.

Since the 2nd of November was declared an official holiday, we as well maxed that day out visiting the grave of the rest of our departed relatives. Then we headed out to my late grandma and pa's place for a few hours of fun family get- together. There, we had our exclusive drinking spree once again while playing the family's favorite card game, lol! There were four generations all together in one place and it was nothing but a whole lot of fun seeing us all united! Can't wait for the next gathering on the 30th, my grandpa's death anniversary!

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  1. Lynn says:

    i never got the chance to visit my hubby's tomb kay super busy peeps here. will pay him a visit na lang soon. we did vist him during his bday though.

    belated happy halloween na lang nimo diha sis. yep, kakuha ko atong sa bbr. miracle gani kay dugay dugay na pud ko la kahimo opps nila. tagsa ra man gud ko check didto kay gagmay kaayo offer,bawasan pa jud. hahahaha.

    ayo ayo sis!

    Rocks says:

    Hi nancy! our Halloween was a little different, instead of trick or treat, we had a mini carnival for urban poor kids mostly street kids and it was a lot of fun!!

    Liz says:

    It was only yesterday when we visited our dead relatives, may bagyo kasi last weekend.

    hi there, nancy! :) looks like you had a nice all saints/souls day celebration. it has been 5 yrs that i have missed undas sa pinas. hopefully, i could get to experience it again with hubby and the bug. thanks for always dropping by, nancy and do take care always, k? :)

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