first things first



It isn't my mom's habit to hop into my place especially first hour in the morning. She probably has something on her mind to ask or tell me but got lose track when she saw Zenni's holiday fun eyeglasses displayed on my screen. So instead of asking I ended up touring her around Zenni's website. I knew in the first place that she would get interested because she has been an eyeglasses wearer herself.

I showed her several categories of the products including the new arrivals but this pair was what really caught her interest. She thought it looks classy and elegant. Then like a little kid, she started to ask questions after questions, lol! But it didn't bother me because I know how she badly needed hers be replaced. I also told her about $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses that made her excited even more but I have to halt her because like me, she needed her updated prescription details too from her Optometrist so first things first. Who knows, we maybe able to make it and sport ourselves together here while wearing our favorite glasses... but all in time!

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