weekend marathon



After juggling my offline tasks for this weekend, I feel relieved now that I'm finally back to my own environment again.

The marathon started Friday... during my mom's 61st birthday. I was glad that the four of us (me and my siblings) were all there to assist each other in organizing the party for her.... not grand but simple yet a delightful one. My brother and I took care of the food preparation while my other two sisters took care of the rest. The treat for guests was split into two. The first meal which was lunch was exclusively served to the entire AAC family (the private school institution where mom works) while dinner and beyond were enjoyed by families and some friends.

Saturday came and it was time to do chores... lots of 'em (cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc.) while daughters and nieces dominated my PC for their online gaming spree. I only get too little time here and there to check mails, talk to JK (yes, he is on all the time, no matter what) and check the pages.

Today, Sunday I took an exclusive day out with my girls before they went home to their dad. At around three in the afternoon my sister, Thea took them home and it was once again a time for us to say 'so long' but without any tears shed this time, LOL! I'm glad they understand better now that we are just fine and that we will no longer be away from each other soon.

Well, there you go... that wraps up my strenuous yet a fun weekend. Here wishing for a fruitful week ahead...

4 Response to "weekend marathon"

  1. Lynn says:

    ka busy sa beauty oi but at least u had fun! ingatz!

    nancy says:

    thanks you, Lynn :D

    pictures.... pictures....
    I miss mama.
    I have not seen her for years na rin!

    PinayWAHM says:

    Napagod ako reading your exciting yet tiring weekend. Family time is the best, isn't it? I miss having that with my family back home...but such is life. Maybe one day we'll be able to do that again.

    Thanks for the hop Nancy! I hope you're having a wonderful week.

    Mommy J

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