re-aiming for my right



I missed it the last time and I don't want to miss it again this time. I only have half a month left to re-register myself to the COMELEC (Commission on Election) to become a qualified voter on the 2010 election. That's right, I'm re-registering myself!

Last month while on my way to our local post office to pick up a package, I passed by through the COMELEC office and saw number of people filling out registration forms. I knew from my mom (who serve every elections) that my name has been listed out after failure to vote for two consecutive elections but just so to confirm, I walked in to the office and it took me almost half an hour to look into their so unorganized list. So disgusting! I should have blogged about it!

Anyhow, as a law abiding citizen (am i?) or shall we say "trying" to be a responsible citizen, I will still head up there surely before the month end to obtain that power to exercise my right again come next year. I'm actually considering this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow but I still need to secure 2X2 photo IDs in which I don't have yet as my printer is out of ink. (Thumbs down!)

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