new task at hand



I got a new offline task today that will last till the next few days. Hmm, actually I'm a bit jittery about this because it's been years and I mean long years since I did this for a part time job.

Okay, here it is... dear mother is off to Cebu for the entire week for a business trip and she's handling me over her tutorial classes till she's back. Initially I refused but with her limited time she found it impossible to look for a proxy, leaving me no choice but to say "yes" to her instant request, lol! As of this writing, I only have less than an hour left to brace myself for this new task. I did this before and I know I still can do it... just with little "butterflies" this time though. :D

Well, I can get over it... I know I can and I will!

3 Response to "new task at hand"

  1. Rocks says:

    You can do it sis!!:)

    nancy says:

    i did!

    Nisha says:

    Ok, so get busy again :-)

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