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I'm not an outdoor type of person so an outdoor gadget like digital camera isn't much of importance to me. But not till I owned one back in 2008 which JK's ever first gift next to that piece of trinket and a letter he posted for me on the mail. He thought a nice captured photos would make my blog posts even more attractive, thus he bought and send it.

But just over a month ago for whatever reasons, it stopped working. I was totally unaware what I did that may have caused it. Now, I'm certainly missing it. I know I once said, I can live without it but my blogs seems to refuse to and yes, somehow I do too on some particular occasions. It was only after that incident did I realize just how important it was and blogging has never been the same without it.

With that, I made a promise that if I were to buy something for myself this Christmas, it would definitely be a new digital camera, particularly this sleek and stylish one from Kodak Easy Share. Its price is a bit fancy so I'm starting to look around now on how and where to avail promos that would grant me an electronic coupon code perhaps to save me a few bucks. Being the economical shopper that I am promotional discounts and coupons do always mean and something I cannot just ignore. Who wouldn't love discounts by the way?

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