For the last eight months blogging opportunities has been so unreliable that I could wish to get a regular paying job instead of sitting here all day and make nothing...but just as life has to change its course, so as my blogging path.

I don't rely on any search engine optimization techniques nor adhere any form of traffic-boosting methods. All I know is the conventional way of making my blog pages live... and that conventional way means regular postings (with original contents), visiting pages and commenting. Now I'm happy to see my statistics seems to start picking up once again. However I did it and whatever relevance my efforts were taking, I'm just glad it all turned out well. My gratitude that I came across with this opportunity online is endless and will never get tired of blogging about it.

2 Response to "blogging"

  1. Tey says:

    I do the search engine optimization on most of my blogs for the sake of learning and business wise. I have few blogs where I dont really care about the traffic and pr. Because I really think that true blogging is not thinking about the value of blog to anyone. Thanks nancy
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    nancy says:

    very well said, Tey. thanks for hopping in :)

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