unshared sorrows



The say where there is joy, there is sorrow...
Shared joy is double the joy; shared sorrow is half the sorrow...

But mine were pretty much unshared lately and as you can see the gap from my last entry here... obviously I must have suffered its consequences real well, huh.

Anyway, unlike the last 2 weeks, the last weekend up at this very moment I could say things that are happening around are getting so overwhelming. From the rigid blackouts around here in my area which was actually the initial reason of the posts gap, my internet connection that's been acting up lately and now here comes the personal and family issue that's rummaging my entire senses and literally took every inch of motivation I have left for blogging. I have no idea how else longer I may have to carry it through. Life is never fair but I guess we just ought to live with it.

Recently it's my computer that's acting up differently. I gotta check on it before things get worst.

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