stupid mind breed stupid ideas



That's exactly what these stupid, irresponsible spammers are capable of doing online!

First of, I'd like to apologize to few of my friends from my messenger's list for the annoyance this virus issue that stroke my computer lately has caused them. It was Wednesday if not Thursday while JK and I were chatting online when I got this malicious site link written in foreign language splashed into my messenger and gone. I knew it was something so I quickly turned to my Windows Registry to check and to hopefully get rid of it only to realize that I was too late.

Imagine how clever these malware creators are? They actually manipulate on the users restriction, disallowing them to run the Task Manager even the prompt command thus making the virus hard to identify and get rid with.

How smart! But to me they're still nothing but freaking morons who can't get a life of their own! Thanks to them. I need to have my system reformatted at the cost I don't have.

I don't know what else is next. With everything overwhelming that's happening around lately, they're just getting too much to handle that I could wish for an early retirement!

1 Response to "stupid mind breed stupid ideas"

  1. JK says:

    It is sad but some people have nothing better to do then damage other peoples property, and cost people to spend unneeded money... Most PC owners are not able to deal with viruses and malware on their own onle it starts breaking down the pc OS and they must pay professionals to repair it... It is ashame they dont use their heads for good instead of evil...

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