dull Saturday



Weee!!! What a so dull Saturday it is today. The gloomy weather just sent everyone else back to sleep. Mom and I were planning to visit my nieces today but I don't know what went on... she just locked herself up in her room after doing her laundry early this morning. Big brother on the other hand, went out with friends last night, got home at early dawn, woke up for breakfast and went back to bed as well.

I wish JK don't have to sleep on me.... coz know what? He just did! waahhhhhhhh!!!!!
We had several rounds of pool to start our day together till I need to grab something to eat and he just fell asleep while waiting on me. Although I can't blame him for dozing since I'm quite aware of the time difference that we have.

I hope I have something else left to do aside from, chasing opps, checking mails and other online related chores. I so wanted to do my laundry as well seeing its piling up for days but looking at those darkening clouds just refrain me from doing so.

Oh well...

2 Response to "dull Saturday"

  1. Lynn says:

    lagi sis, lami kaayo itulog kay sige ulan. no need na AC or fan. hehe!


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