something's wrong!



I already have few comments received about my new layout's header not loading well. It only loads half of the entire header to be exact.

I was in denial when I first notice it the first time. Thought it was just a slow Internet connection that caused it but when I started hearing comments from few people, it was then I realize that hmm, maybe something's really wrong with it.

Yes, it acted up again this morning and even before I started writing this post. It saddens me to have even thought about it but with such blemish I don't think I can keep it to any extent at the expense of my viewer and readership. So in the event that you can't access this blog in the nearest future, it was then that I decided to redo it.

2 Response to "something's wrong!"

  1. dko namalayan ahh...which blog ba? anyway, just fix it...buti kapa, dami alam sa lay out....ako, forever nalang na simple...dko alam eh hehehe

    Lynn says:

    bitaw sis, abi nako namalikmata ra ko ata. mayo nuon, new look na pud. hee hee.

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