My body's immune system must have failed to resist unwanted foreign intruders. I first felt the cold somewhere in my sleep last night (well actually at early dawn, around 2am). I thought the fan stood still and blowing cold air right through me...half asleep I got up to check it only to find out that it wasn't even working... it's off. Still feeling the strange cold, I wrapped myself up and went back to sleep. And before I knew it my system has already been invaded. Sniffles, itchy throat and light headache were what greeted me this morning.

SIGH! First few hour stretch in the morning, I already feels like I'm a cellphone running out of batteries. I wish to just go back to bed and spend the whole time laying there till I'm alright but I can't. With all the chores on queue and needed to get done for the day, I can't. Anyway, I will still live (:

3 Response to "invaded"

  1. JK says:

    Hope you feel better soon...

    Lynn says:

    how are u na now,sis? hope u're feeling better. get well soon! (",)

    nancy says:

    thank you, sis. I'm fine now :)

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