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I have them all by myself for the last 2 solid months. Play with them, eat with them, tell a story with them, sit and watch movies with them, slept with them and even became child again with them. In short, they simply put back that effortless smile that I haven't been wearing for an honest-to-goodness longest time... they are my two most precious possession here on earth... they are my daughters KATE & NAUREEN.

Here I wanted to share some of our recent priceless moments together:

(Kate is on a pink top while Naureen is on a blue one... they usually wear the same clothes but they're not twin)

I know soon they will be leaving for they have to go back to school. But before I could even finish doing this post, their papa called telling that he's on his way to pick the girls up. Hearing that news from my brother broke my heart into tiny pieces for the _th time but I believe God is good and I'm sure He will let them find their way back to mend it. I warned myself not to cry. Funny because I didn't imagine myself keeping my emotion so well for the very first time when suddenly my daughter Kate hurriedly stepped down from the car and run her way through me, hugged me so tight while bursting in tears and said she didn't want to go. How am I suppose to handle that movie-like scene? Before I knew it, mom already wiped her tears and did some explaining to my daughter for me. She convinced her eventually and sent her back to the car.

Sigh! I already missed them.

6 Response to "with them"

  1. JK says:

    Hi the three of you look so cute together... In time you will all be reunited again... The three of you discovered how much love you really have for each other... I remember you told me that you wondered if your daughters loved you... Well it has been proven they do... And I hope and pray you get reunited soon... It is good for the three of you to spend time...

    Girl, you are tough....keep your faith and be strong okay? I pray for your happiness.

    hmmmm ang cute naman ng mga baby mo... teka kamukha mo silang lahat lalo na sa mga mata nila nakuha nila yun sa iyo di ba? hahahaha pretty pretty pretty

    nancy says:

    Hello here guys, thanks for visiting my place and for posting your comments.

    Amy, I need to..I have no one else to do it for me, haha.

    Saul, thanks at na appreciate mo.. I would strongly agree to that, :-)

    JK, I believe we already have been reunited at heart...thanks for your concern and for keeping me company all the time despite my moods. love 'ya!

    It must be very hard and painful living away from the most important people in your life! But you just have to be strong for them.

    Good luck!

    nancy says:

    thanks Sheng! been dealing with it for years and I can say I'm stronger now...well atleast from what I am aware of... hehe!

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