perfectly perfect moment



It's been years (perhaps 5) since I last dine at a BBQ house around here in my place. There was only me and my daughter Kate left till early this evening and do-nothingness got in to me. So I asked if she'd like BBQ (grilled stuff) for dinner so mom just don't have to cook... she excitedly nodded. At the house, she had her favorite and I believe most kids' favorite too... grilled hotdogs and pork while I have hot chicken wings paired with coke. So We washed our hands and were ready to eat when she surprisingly asked in quite loud voice

"where's my spoon?"
I startled! Everybody looked at her and smiled.

"We don't have spoon and fork here"
so softly said by one of the house's crew.

To get through with her disappointment, I just as well further explained to her that BBQs are best eaten with free hands (kamayan) or else you would starve...and all she could say was... "Okay!"
LOL! She still eventually enjoyed the food. She even ate more than she usually does.

If it wasn't for her, I would rather stay and settle for whatever is instant like noodles, crackers or just a cup of coffee. But even though it was all unplanned, we still have had some fun and loved our perfectly perfect moments together.

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  1. JK says:

    Sounds like you really enjoyed your outing... I love wings an burgers and hot dogs too...

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