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I'm a blogger and I still want to remain as such. And so it is my responsibility to keep my blogs updated for my readers to have something to look forward to. Like a vehicle's engine can't work without fuel, we as human being needs motivation too sometimes to keep our energy going. I must admit, there are occasions that I felt like I'm starting to lose my interest in blogging but someone's always there to remind me not to give up.

I used to blog all day and all night back in Cebu and as much as I wanted to do the same thing now that I'm back home, it just can't be... well, hopefully at least just for now while my sister is still coping up. Like what I've mentioned here, my brother-in-law just passed away and she (my sister) needs somebody to be with while starting all over and that is me most of the time. I understand how much pain she has to go through and along with that understanding is a little sacrifice on my part. Now that she's back to work, although I'm not obligated to look after her 2 little daughters, I just feel the need to make her feel confident that they will be fine and safe while she's gone to work everyday. I know it's hard for her to leave them but she has to. So I pretty much stay with them all morning and all night. I only get few hours in the afternoon of each day to do things for myself... that includes blogging. It's no easy for me to blog with a very limited time but I know this only for a while so I am still hanging on.

I have been meaning to give this page and my other blog here a whole new look for this year and that's is what I wanted to accomplish hopefully within next month after I get to have an additional RAM. Right now, my computer is I'm running with a very slow speed after I got my other RAM stick died the other day.

Still have a lot to do :-S

1 Response to "hanging on..."

  1. Lynn says:

    i understand what u're going through, sis and take your time. but u have fans here and that includes me so post something whenever u get the chance ha. haha! demanding ba.

    ingatz sis!

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