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It's feels like I'm missing half my life for that half a month of being away from the virtual world and even though the thought of sorrow is still there for the loss my family just have had, I cannot deny the fact that I am as well happy now that I am back. Not only online but I am also finally back home for good.

I wanted to blog about so many things but I am just as baffled and still trying to grasps things all together. I don't know what to talk about first but I surely would love to share as much as I can what I went through for the last 3 weeks. Anyway, I just got my new DSL Internet connection hooked up yesterday. I should be getting the same internet service I used to have if it was only available. They say cable and DSL providers are known for not filtering their network from unauthorized users accessing private networks. Scary, huh! For the mean time, I get no choice than to be just extra careful. I know there are invented softwares to help deter if not eliminate malicious activities online. I can always get one when needed.

Anyway, back to blogging, for real, I was glad to see number of visits being payed here while I'm away. I can't thank you guys enough for keeping my traffic moving. There's still one thing I'm dying of having back, though......

my page rank! (sigh!)


Well, that's all for now... keep on coming for more updates.
Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone.

3 Response to "back for good"

  1. Rocks says:

    welcome back sis! and I hope your whole family recover with the loss soon.

    Lynn says:

    hello sis!

    welcome back! how r u na? hope u're okay na after what you and your family have gone through.

    ingatz always! mwahugs!

    nancy says:

    still coping up but we're all doing fine now sis...thanks a lot :)

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