they say...



tears always comes next to laughter...

I don't know if you came across with this adage. To me it sounds silly and illogical but to some extent, it happened not only once but on several occasions in my life... although, I still don't see the relevance. I believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes, we provide our own reasons to make things happen. Even the tears that we shed at times is out of our own decision.

I spent the early part of the day yesterday crying over some personal reasons. As another cliche goes... "There is always a rainbow after each storm". True enough! After a moderate compromise, everything went well.

Early evening, same day...I received an invitation for dinner from a friend through SMS. No occasion was celebrated... it was just a plain and simple casual get together. We all enjoyed the food and have had so much fun chit-chatting about whatever that came to one's mind. We also had a drink after filling our bellies up. We had cocktail mixes, a bottle of wine and beer. I'm really not a drinker but doing it occasionally can be fun and relaxing too. We all have had a good laugh!

tears always comes next to laughter... (just an irrational reminder!)

So, did I cry again today?

Surprisingly, YES!.... but definitely not because I made a good laugh yesterday.

9 Response to "they say..."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

    Anonymous says:

    Maybe one day you will change the disicion and and once again bring so laughter... It is your all in your power to be happy and sad...
    TTYL I hope...

    Anonymous says:

    Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

    Kev says:

    Yes, things DO happen for a reason - good things and bad. Being acceptable to that fact allows you to understand life better.

    So, wipe those tears away, and put a shine on your face because you know things will happen again some day, some time.

    Cheers! Take care.

    Lynn says:

    same here, sis...there is always a rainbow after the rain. mao pud na ako motivational phrase especially during those times nga down kaayo ko. :)

    smile now sistah!

    hi Nancy..i guess this part and parcel of our lives..sometimes we r happy and sometimes down.. let us live each day, with a heart of contentment, be it sad or sorrow, take it up as a challenge and perhaps one day we will be able to use that to comfort others in need too...

    Michelle says:

    according to hubby, as long as we are alive and breathing we experience laughters and tears. i think that's life. :)

    Liza says:

    ay sa kin din, it happened several times. you're crying tapos maya-maya lang something or someone will make you smile.

    Moms... Check Nyo

    Nancy says:

    @ anonymous
    things will get better, i know...

    @ kev
    u made a point there, Kev..thanks for reminding.

    thank you sis for always swinging by and for trying to cheers me up the best way you can.

    @ reanaclaire,
    advice noted...thanks a lot!

    @michelle & lisa
    you're both right...think that's what life really is!

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