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I blog! And I love doing it since I started to learn how to do it myself and more so, when I learned how to make money out of it. Something I am capable of doing that other computer-adept people don't even know about. For me blogging is still an exceptional opportunity one can ever get and even until now, I still can't thank my friend enough for taking me into this wonderful and productive online community. And since this is what I love to do, I am also proud of sharing it to others. So far, over the last year, I already have convinced and helped several people to get started with blogging. This is of course after a lengthy explanations of the fulfillment and benefits they can get out of doing so.

I never had such a full comprehension on what blog advertising is all about until I joined and started doing paid posts one day. Almost since the dawn of blogging, there has been some form of advertising involved and
that is what makes it more engaging to people. Post sponsorship has become the hot topic in blog advertising today wherein advertisers can easily connect to bloggers through advertising network like PayingPost.com. - a newly launched network every blogger should take notice. At first glance, I thought it makes no difference with the other advertising networks I already have joined but as soon as I get to see the whole new look of their website, it made me think again. Unlike other networks, PayingPost.com has everything that both blogger and advertiser needs to know, carefully explained right at their homepage.

PayingPost.com homepage

I don't wanna explain further because I wanted you to see it for yourself what I am talking about here. The bottom line of this post: to advertise on blogs that won't cost you too much effort, look no further... and for people who wants to enjoy the benefit of blogging by writing an honest review, raise your hand if you want to become a legitimate PayingPost blogger. It's absolutely FREE to join!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there... want to change your favicon? find out how.. Have a nice tuesday!

    Anonymous says:

    Hi there... want to change your favicon? find out how.. Have a nice tuesday!

    I am inspired to learn more about monetizing your blog because I haven't done it with my blog. Can we trade links?

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