google it... (the fourth edition tag)



My last post can tell...
I've been feeling too lazy to blog lately until I got this tag from Lynn yesterday. Thanks a lot, sis... if not for this, I would have rather just keep myself warm under my blanket in bed all day while our weather here is trying to blow us some ice cold wind since last week . It's getting even more terribly bad now as I am trying to finish this post. (FREEZING!) :-t

Anyway, here are the rules: Answer the following questions through Google pictures and you may add some text if needed.

Here we go...

4 favorite things/foods to munch on:

(that's why I placed it on top)
It doesn't really have to be potato ridges all the time. I like corn, taco and grain chips as well. For potatoes, I like it plain salted and cheese, bbq, sour cream and onion for the rest.
I'm sorry to say this Lynn... but a truckload of chips will work best for me than a truckload of chocolates :-(

This what keeps me awake along with my cup(s) of coffee in the absence of course of the chips, LOL!
A proven stimulant for me too.

My all time favorite side dish whenever I dine at the fast food chains.

I just love this one. I don't know why...
Whenever, wherever. I sure don't wanna miss pancit (noodles).

4 favorite places to go. Why?



This I think is the nearest shopping centers' site from Greensburg and I wanna explore it someday.

OHIOPYLE falls: Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania.
... for a nature hop. Think this park is so nice...well, from what I've seen from the pictures JK has sent me... I believe it is.

Twin Lake Park: PA
Just the the color of the surroundings alone is more than enough to persuade me to visit this place one day.

4 favorite shops online:

I have tried shopping with these 4 US online stores below and so far none of them works :>
Too bad they cannot ship articles and goods outside the US.

4 things that pops up when you google my name:

Undo? Is there anything I need to? LOL!

I'm an active deneero-ites!

Graph of the annual US budget deficit or surplus something...

and these turtles... I wonder what they are doing here (?) :D

Hmm..pretty cool tag! I wanna pass this one to Lisa, Brian, Rosa, Mica, Sheryl, Michelle and Vicki.

5 Response to "google it... (the fourth edition tag)"

  1. Lynn says:

    pareho diay ta sis, pirti na nakong tikungkung diri sa katugnaw. way undang ang ulan since the other day. ana gani ko, wa pa gani ga snow, nanggahi na ko. di jud ko puwede sa amerika ani. LOL.

    thanks for doing the tag, sis. love potato chips pud ay. apir ta diha!

    ingatz! mwahugs!

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    Lisa says:

    Hi Nancy, salamat sa tag ha, pareho mo tag na gi share ni Lynn sa ako,hehehe pero wala pako ka himo kay wala ko time pagsearch ug mga pics ug logo..sorry kaayo ha...I like the tag gyod...Imo photos na pagkaon galaway ko kay paborito pod na nako..

    Nancy says:

    you can always take your time, sis.. no problemo, hehehe! thanks for dropping by!

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