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Before I accepted my new job, I know I have to make a compromise with my time which is nothing easy for me at all. I promised myself not to take my blogs for granted but unfortunately, somehow it still did happen. Not on purpose, tho. I work on a night shift and as much as I would like to spend even a little time here after work, I cannot usually cause I just can't dictate my mind and body when and when not to work any farther.

I forgot, I am no super hero. I cannot do anything for everybody just like what I am trying to do right now. I forgot I should be observing some limitations too and only do things as necessary and cannot always make everything happen as much as I would like them to happen my way. And no matter how I am trying to make other people's life easier... I forgot I still don't hold the key on how the way they wanted to live it. Frustrations, disappointments, bitterness and resentments are all I got in return. Boy, how good am I on making someone else's life easy but when it comes to me, I'm no less than stupid. I think I should have my eyes open to the fact that I am no better than what I can be.

1 Response to "i forgot..."

  1. JK says:

    Baby your not stupid you just have a big heart andyou try to fix the world because you care... Caring does not make you stupid... But you do need to realize that you can change some things but not others... Sometimes you can try to point people in the right direction and only hope they fallow... You can not force others to do what you feel may be right as they do have thier own thoughts... I love you very much one of the reasons is you have a big heart and you care and love so much... Mahal na mahal kita...

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