help bring the holiday spirit right into the heart of our heroes



This year's holiday, Sears along with the various non-profit organizations has established a charity program called Sears Heroes at Home Registry. This program is especially designed to provide support to over 30,000 military service members, veterans, and their families to help them make their Christmas wishes come true.

It often is difficult for our heart to remain at peace when some members of the family is far away from home. When we know our loved ones are in constant danger. So even if they are not physically with us on Christmas, let us try to include them in our prayers and in our plans so that they will feel as close as possible to us this holiday season. And since Christmas is all about love and family, I am encouraging you to donate at Home Registry. Let us give thanks to them and for their service and ultimate sacrifices by sharing what we have and what we can do to make then feel important part of the celebration. All donations made are not tax-deductible so rest assured that the accumulated amount and items will be equally given to each registered families.

If you want to read some heart-warming written stories from these people, you can visit the website and you can as well leave some comments to their testimonies for them to read. Their stories might motivates you more to help bring the holiday spirit right into the hearts of our soldiers and heroes.


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  1. Mariuca says:

    Hola! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)


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