customer is not always right!



Of all the kinds of job responsibilities I have been through in my entire working experience, I should say doing a customer service is the most challenging one... or I should say a tough one! You will never know what to expect from every customers you came across with... for us especially that we are in a kind job where we are pretty much dealing with foreign customers everyday. All kinds of trait and attitude you can imagine are there. Name it! Rude, blunt, rough, and oh I would like to emphasize some European racist who are so loud and arrogant as if they are on a place of their own.

In contrast to the very famous business fallacy, I really would like to assert that, the customer is NOT always right. Nobody is always right... so, why in the name of everything that is supposedly holy in the field of business should anyone deem that the customer is always right? Just because they think they are filthy rich (??) doesn't give them even a smallest bit of right to scorn people any chance they get. I wonder how a stranger to one's place can be so ill-mannered. If I am to visit a foreign country myself, I would prefer to have the good time and not to end up in a foreign jail house!

3 Response to "customer is not always right!"

  1. Lynn says:

    Di ka halatang galit, Sis. HEhe. Just kidding. You're right, Sis. I myself isn't in favor of that phrase. When i used to work with this telecom company before, maski pa gina mura na mi, smile pa rin kay the customer is always right lagi. Duh! But we have no choice but to abide by the rules kay kung dili, well, you know na. :)

    hi, just bloghopping :) agree, customers are NOT always right but we have no choice but to be nice for the sake of our job di ba? i'll add you in my links :)

    JK says:

    I agree the customer is not always right... I dont think I have ever met a person that isalways right... If someone finds a person that is always right please introduce me as I would love to meet them...

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