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It nice to be back here after a few days of being l**y... shame, shame, shame, lol! I just don't understand why am being such a sleepy head lately. My bed is getting more and more tempting everyday that even the "siesta" which I actually don't do before, hala! nagagawa ko na. Gone are the almost round the clock blogging. Before I can stay up as late as 3am... what is happening to me? Am i getting bored? or am I getting tired of what I do everyday? NO, it can't be... I know this is what I love to do... I knew it because, I still get brainsick every time my ISP interrupts my connection like they did yesterday. Now that it's back I need to do lots of making up. And I really do mean of doing if not all, at least some or most of my tasks that needs to get done today.

Sigh! still wishing for that 48 hours in a day, lol!

Anyways, before moving further, I would like first to make way for these two awards from two of my nicest friends here in the blogosphere.

Starting of with Lainy of Lainy's Musings for counting this blog as one of her favorites. Thank you so much.

And to Lynn of Lynn's Chic Spot for this sisterhood award below.

Hmm... two smart bloggers... comes from the same place... speaks the same lingo and shared me the same pink awards, lol! Thank you so much sisters for this very encouraging gestures of oneness and friendship.

This time, I'm passing both awards to Liza, Marie, Rocks, Ria, Hailey, Sheryl and Thea. I hope you guys have fun and enjoy the rest of your Friday!

6 Response to "today's awards..."

  1. Lynn says:

    hahaha! what a coincidence, sis! thanks a bunch for posting this one. i do appreciate the time and effort.

    anyways, got another award for u pa, sis. if u don't mind. lol.


    ingatz! mwah!

    Hala! Bitaw Nance noh! Maayo kay imong nabantayan, hehehe! You deserve these awards, Nance. I'm very lucky to have you as one of my blogger friends.

    More awards coming your way soon ;-)

    Nancy says:

    thanks to both of you girls...i wish to meet more like you from GenSan here in the blogosphere, LOL!

    Happy weekend!

    ty nancy. will post this soon!

    Rocks says:

    Thank you so much nancy! :) ako naman medyo 24 hours pa rin active except on weekends :)

    liza says:

    thanks sis! ayan naipost ko na ;) *hugs*

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