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Christmas season is here! While it means exultation, festivity and merrymaking to everyone, to some extent it can be mean an obligation too. Saving money for holidays is a tough challenge for anyone. No matter how tight the budget is, people will still find their way out to the malls and even to some signature stores to look for something special they could present as gift to their loved ones.

Before you even race out to the stores, you may want to consider this few reasonable spending tips in going out for holiday shopping:

Know your limitations...

First create a budget. This will help you keep track of your spendings.

Make a list. Think of what to buy for each person on your gift list before you shop.

Say NO to credit cards. Credit card bills are easy to use but hard to pay off. Think of Debt elimination as a rewarding thing at the end of this event.

Be Creative...

Cookies, candy, cakes... who doesn't love homemade treats? If baking from scratch isn't your cup of tea, you can buy refrigerated rolls of cookie dough and dressed them up however you want it. However, half the fun of giving gift is the wrapping. instead of spending for a bundle of expensive gift wrap and bows, why not just use what you have. Magazines, construction papers, stamps and markers are of best help.

Lastly, know where to shop...

Say hello to discount stores. They carry out big sales and great buys for the last season. While online shopping too can often save time and money.

The holidays are a time of celebration and rejoicing, not the time of counting how much money you spend. Remember to stay focused on what is important and that there is always a way to save money.

Have fun and have a happy and safe shopping!

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1 Response to "great holiday spending tips"

  1. Lynn says:

    tama, sis. with the crisis now, dapat we should spend wisely jud. only spend what we can afford coz if not, asa pa padulong kundi sa utang. :)

    niwey, tagged u here sis..kalingawan. hehe.

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