making a wish on santa's lap



Thanksgiving week has been celebrated and now it only means that Christmas is really getting more and more closer now. Have you ever experienced what it feels like sitting on Santa's lap while making a wish? Well, I did. Yes, you read it right and it was indeed so full of fun. Of course my wish is something beneficial not only for myself but also for other people. Plus I was able to upload my photo using the new CEIVA digital photo frame for free with the help of the so generous dear Santa and his buddy Ali. It was really amazing. I feel like I'm young again. I know you maybe curious how do they make it possible, huh. Well, you can see it for yourself here.

Going back to the photo frame, you may also wonder what makes CEIVA different from other digital photo frames. Using this gadget, your friends and family can share photos with you instantly from anywhere in the world using either your cellphones or computer. With Picture Plan, even the most technically challenged person can receive cherished photos sent directly to the frame without having to do a thing. Not only that, you can also get a chance to win from Got a Wish Sweepstakes. Check on the details here.

I don't even mean of making a holiday wish for this year due to finances nowadays is really tough but the big red guy proved it again indeed that Christmas is not just about money and spending. It's about sharing the most precious gift one can ever give and receive, and that's LOVE.


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