happy birthday, JD!



To JD,

Happy birthday, kid. I knew this is your favorite, lol...Love ya!

Just for the information of everybody, JD is the author of Out of Nowhere. He loves car a lot so basically, the page is all about vehicles. By the way, JK and I also co-authored the page and we hope you can visit us there, too :-)

3 Response to "happy birthday, JD!"

  1. AuTom says:

    Happy birthday to JK. Will surely visit him.

    jk jr says:

    nancy ty for the b-day post. Ty for taking your time making this post.
    ty for thinking of me on mi b-day.
    i really appreciate it alot!
    i am really thankful for this birthday post. sry i couldn't post a comment earilyer or i would have i din't hear mi dad tell me u made this post for me sry! thx for the cheeseburger although i can't eat it without eating mi computer moniter :( it looks tasty its making me really hungrey :)lol nice job on the post i really appreciate it alot thx for this post.

    Lynn says:

    belated happy birthday JD! all the best for u! (",)

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