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"We really don't demand too much requirements from you because your company is top listed in our system."

I will never forget this line from a certain credit card agent I have talked to some two years ago while I am still working at TDCI. As an administration staff, one of my duties was to handle administrative-related incoming calls including inquiries and credit card proposals from different credit card companies which I receive pretty much everyday.

I admit, these people are annoying sometimes. They won't let you be until they will have you say "yes" to them and if I am only a grabby type of person, I could have fallen into a pitfall of bad debt by now. I am just grateful I have known enough information on the pros and cons of having a credit card. Although I own one, I never let my credit card finance my lifestyle if it isn't a necessity at all. I know by doing so, it would hinder my goal of having a debt free living. Like I always believe, freedom from debt is not easy to achieve. But if you really want a debt free life, you must have the attitude. It takes hard work and perseverance to get anything really worth having. Every little bit of effort helps. After all, what is better than having life free from the anxieties and apprehension that debt brings?

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