it won't hurt to feel special once in a while ...



While on my way up to the children's department inside Metro Gaisano (one of the oldest malls in the city of Cebu) yesterday, I passed through and caught one customer asking the sale staff from one silver jewelry chain store why silver jewelry reacts on her skin. That question dragged my attention and made me stop for a while. I stood by the person, make as if I'm looking at the display while discreetly listening to what the sale staff had explained to her and then I left.

I have personally experienced the same trouble too in wearing silver jewelries but I wasn't really convinced by what she said. I believe skin reactions has something to do with the authenticity of the product. And speaking of genuine silver, I have found a store that offers wide range of authentic sterling silver jewellery products. It's a UK based company that accommodates international shipping and had been trading online since 2006. They specializes only silver products like sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants and silver bangles. So to avoid wasting your money, make sure to buy only genuine products from credible stores if you wanna get rid of those disturbing skin reactions and itches like me.

Looking at the site, I personally picked this bracelet as my favorite. I'm not really into so much fashion but I think it won't hurt if you treat your self and feel special once in a while!

2 Response to "it won't hurt to feel special once in a while ..."

  1. Joyoz says:

    That's cute Nancy..I have one sterlingsilver ring with my name on it and love it kasi cute siya hehe..thanks for visitng joydob

    Stev&Emz says:

    hahaha nalingaw man ko nimo Nance.. kunwari ka pa ha. lol. basig allergic lang dyud siya sa silver or sa substance nga gi mix sa silver. its not 100% silver. =)

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