cyber dating: a sheer means of intro



Before it's being denounced. Now everybody's doing it!
Cyber-dating became an acceptable way for busy singles to meet others. If you go into this with the right attitude, realize up front that online dating is only momentary, sheer means of introduction... That's all it is!

For me, there's simply no way to know if the chemistry is there without a face-to-face encounter. So it's foolish to let an online "romance" go on and on without meeting. Lots of emotional investment at risk, and probably a lot of time wasted, as well.

1 Response to "cyber dating: a sheer means of intro"

  1. Tey says:

    hahahhaha, believe it or not, hubby and I fell inlove on letters and when we saw each other, we cannot be separated. We just know for sure right from the very start, that we belong to each other. So cyber relationship can be true because cyber dating on my time doesn't exist yet. ONly through phone and airmails.. But here we are, already 10 years and still very much inlove. Soulmate baga?
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