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Dear readers and visitors,

As the author of Just the way it is... the mother of all my blogs, I am humbly reinstating my invitation to you all to freely stop and look into my blogs here. If you happened to check out my profile, you'll see the blog list I am trying to steadfastly manage on a regular basis.

I personally owned three:

Just the way it is..., Peaceful Mind and just the recently re-launched Things I Heart (formerly, My Music page).

And then there's the blogs that I co-authored:

See me for what you will... (mine and JK's page)
Out of Nowhere... an auto-related as well as a personal blog mainly authored by JK's son, JD.

In as much as I am trying to bring you some compelling and helpful updates here in anyway, I am also hoping
you can spend a little of your time to stop over at any of my/our sites... Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, Things I Heart and Out of Nowhere has just been updated. Would be nice to see your presence there too. Everyone is welcome and both sites are still open for ex links request.

Oh and more thing, please be kind to also visit my sister's blog, The Challenge. She's a newbie, trying to share and hoping to win some friends from this community too. :-)

Thank you so much ahead and have a pleasant blogging day to all!


1 Response to "blogging 101"

  1. lheeanne says:

    ang onti padin nyan.. ako dati 7...ngayon 6 nlang kc binura kona frester blog ko hehe

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