hopefully not!



OK... so I guess they're not gonna cut us off today...

I'm sitting here talking to JK while waiting for our power company to shut us off. They're suppose to cut our power out at 8am as they publicly announced the other day but it's been almost 2 hours after 8. Hmm..this must be a wonder, lol! (at least for me).

Who would want some power interruption for one whole day? Ah--ahh...not me! they already did yesterday. Don't you think two consecutive days without power is too much? Oh yeah...Definitely!

Oh well, let me hit publish button before they will anytime from now.
Oh my... Noooooo!!!

Hopefully not!

1 Response to "hopefully not!"

  1. I personally can't live without internet, imnew to blogging but i've been working with internet since 1st year college my point is pag walang power sa bahay wala ring internet...

    I always make sure my mom pays the bill sa phone/internet and electricity kasi pg wala ang mga yun wala akong work..hahahhaha.

    Hopefully d nila naputol ang power sa inyo.

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