Surprise! surprise! surprise!

Yep... It such a big pleasant surprise for me to have my PR back after losing it 4 months ago. I was sitting here one night while patiently chasing for opportunities from SS when I came to think of checking out mine and JK's page. I remember he told me that we got our page rank back. So I dropped by to confirm using the PR checker found at the left sidebar on our page. It's back indeed! After awhile, I tried checking my other 2 pages as well and that Rank of 2 for Just the way it is... came out to my surprise... Wow! I can't believe it... I rechecked the URL I keyed in to see if I typed it out! That exactly was my site's URL and I got my page rank back ... That was really great! Don't even expect Google to consider this site ranked for the second time. This is simply fantastic!

Right now, I am still trying to savor the feeling while enjoying looking at that little green button at my sidebar. It dropped down to 2 tho... It used to be 3 but it really doesn't matter for now. The important thing is, I won it back and I wanna just work for it from there to keep it up. I, of course wanted to see it moving up... but all in time.

Thanks to GOOGLE!

7 Response to "PR 2 II"

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow! Good for u, Nans! Wish i'll have my PR4 back too. Mulukso jud ko sa kalipay! Lol.

    Nancy says:

    Hayy, mao jud Lynn. Nalipay jud ko maskin na kuhaan ug isa cge nalang at least nabalik na.

    Good luck sad sa imoha...salamat sa paghapit!!

    MarlyMS says:

    helo..congratz to u!

    Liza says:

    that's great news nancy! congratulations! im so happy for you ;)

    wow nanz! congrats sa imo PR! nag stabilize man gud google lately. it always happens a month after the update. this is great news jud!

    Nancy says:


    i really do remember you instantly after learning about it. I still can't forget what you wrote me before. thanks a lot for the encouragement!


    glad to hear from you again rubs. i guess now i need to work a little more harder to keep that figure!

    Rocks says:

    hi nancy! wow..congrats sa PR! ako hanggang dreams na lang..hehe! and keep it up okies!

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