i don't understand ...



... why every time they cut us off it always has to be 9 long hours (8am to 5pm). I'm talking about power outage here which we have had this morning. We just got it back. Although I'm really not interested to know but I just hope it wasn't that long cause it really drives me nuts staring at the ceiling trying to figure out of something to do while unconnected. Geezz... I wasn't even able to make a cup of coffee... What a terrible day!

The thing that I hate most about it... is the missed opp from SS which I hardly tried to complete before they can shut me off but **** they still managed to beat me..lol! So what can I say?!!

However I am still thankful and happy now that it's finally back... I guess that's the least thing that I can do. Sad to say but I really can't imagine life without the Internet. I wish I am not this addicted to being online but... ah--ahh--- I doubt it! Tsk...tsk..tsk...!

3 Response to "i don't understand ..."

  1. ann says:

    Buti na lang di uso ang brownout dito sa amin.

    haha that surely pissed u off.ok ra wala man pud kaau opps sa ss ron..aw naa man diay ka pr sa basin daghan sa imoha..

    ty sa pag agi sa ako usa ka page nance...

    Nancy says:


    buti pa kayo..dito terible talaga!


    kaayo sis...maau jud sad kaayo mo timing ang SS kay mismo sa adlaw sa brownout gi reserve and opp...hayy na lang!!

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