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Sometime last week, I received a tag from Dez asking to pass around a simple prayer for the LUPUS and CANCER patients. Honestly, I was thinking of not posting any tags lately but when I read its content, I was a bit struck. I have known 2 people who exactly suffered from these illnesses before and they are now both in God's hands. One was a friend who was tainted with LUPUS and my Aunt Edna, who died of Breast Cancer a few years ago.

Seeing someone you love in their battle against sufferings is a very painful reality. It is something we can't help to happen but with fervent prayer, we can actually do a lot.

Just to help serve the purpose of this tag, I am inviting everyone to take a moment of silence and take time to pray for those who are sick and those who may have suffered from LUPUS and any form of CANCER. May God touch their souls and heal them with His loving power.

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