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Attention bloggers! Kids, youngsters and adults as long as you blog and if you’re one of those who so much like to spend time playing magical and adventure games online, then this article is unmistakably for you. You certainly have known Dungeon Runners, a 3D fantasy video game where players like you can receive bling gnomes or a magical dwarf that eats unwanted items and turn it into gold by taking a golden squat! Hmm…enchanting, ain’t it?

Now, if you happen to collect or own any of these Bling Gnome miniatures, you better fasten yourself because right now you’re halfway to winning the exciting $350 Best Buy Gift Card to be given away by joining the Dungeon Runners contest from DungeonRunners.com. So what exactly do you need to do here? Well, you just simply have to pimp your gnome. In other words, dress your gnome up the tricky way possible to bling him out. Snap a picture of your dressed gnome, and have it posted to your own blog. Or better yet, do the whole game procedure to yourself. Yes…you read it right. This contest is not for the public to join. This is for you bloggers. All entries will be reviewed and winner will be picked by the 30th of July so you better get started blinging your gnome out now!

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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